Monday, October 21, 2013

Third Coast Fiber Arts Festival

Third Coast was a blast.  The organizers did a wonderful job, getting absolutely world-class instructors like Barry Klein of Trendsetter Yarns and Lily Chin, holder of the world's record for fastest crocheter.   I attended classes with these two.  Candice Eisner- Struck also taught, I was sorry that I  could not attend all the classes.  Class size was very small so we got lots of up close and personal time that would not have happened at a larger venue like Stitches.

I was embarrassed for Detroit that the knitters here did not turn out in greater numbers.  The event was held at Wayne State in the spacious and light-filled McGregor conference Center.  Security seemed to be fine, if that is the reason for the low turnout.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Two at a time, toe-up socks

I am using instructions from Melissa Morgan-Oakes, using yarn I hand-painted with Kool-Aid dyes during a demo at Wolcott Mill last year.  The yarn is very soft, a fine wool with 15% nylon.    On this pair, I lost track of what I was doing on the toes, and didn't realize the odd pointy toe shape until I had knit quite a ways past the toes.  My solution is going to be to finish the socks, try them on, then decide if remediation is needed.  If it is, I will clip a thread and re-knit the toes in the traditional direction. I am sweating whether I will have enough yarn left to make much of a cuff.