Saturday, May 31, 2014

TKGA Master's Program

I ordered and downloaded the TKGA (The Knitting Guild Association) instructions for completing their master's Level 1 certificate for machine knitting today.   It is 32 pages long.    My goal is to complete the first level by the end of June. 

I tried this once before but did not complete it.  I don't remember why.  Maybe the kids kept me busy? They don't live here any more, since they have grown up, so I can't use them for an excuse now!

A new machine!

New to me, anyway.  It is a Brother KH-930, with motor drive, ribber, floppy drive, color changer, lace carriage, knit leader, intarsia carriage,.  I already have this model, but mine does not have the ribber, just the G-carriage.

I originally had the idea of buying it for parts it seems to be in good condition, so I guess I will just put it to use. It is missing the power cord.  The gentleman who sold the machine promised to mail it to me so I will wait a week or so before buying a replacement. 

I am not sure if I was acquainted with his wife, the woman who listed the machine on Craig's list said that she attended the Monroe knitters seminar last year.  Last year, of course, I missed the seminar.

This afternoon I plan to unpack everything, inventory it,  and see what else might be missing.