Saturday, May 21, 2016

Knitting machine users are "makers"

This team of young people has put together an excellent video to demonstrate how the millennials are using knitting machines. 

See it here.

More work in the queue

I have been buying knitting machines from Craigslist again.  I added some more to my "inventory" a few weeks ago.  All these machines are awaiting my tender loving care to check them out, put new sponge bars in them, and try knitting on them. 

One of the last ones started shedding gate pegs while it was still in my car. It is a Singer ribber, and the gate pages are apparently held on by a rail, and all the nuts were missing from the little tiny bolts that held the rail on.   I think I gathered them all up, and put them in a plastic bag,  but not sure, so it may end up being used as a parts machine.