Sunday, January 21, 2007

The road to hell is paved.....

with good intentions, and I really planned on working on that sock today. But instead I sewed labels on the scarves (Drat! I forgot to take the girls' pictures before they left with scarves around their necks!), I packed up some old handknitting patterns and sent to some farmgirl friends, made peanut butter cookies, cooked dinner, dug carrots out of the frozen garden, did my daughter's taxes (short form!), sorted out some more knitting patterns, and generally fiddled around ALL DAY LONG and did not sit down at the knitting machine for even 1 minute. hmmmm.

I have incentive to get that sock finished - I was the winning bidder a few days ago on eBay for two skeins of Wildfoote Sock yarn, color JUNGLE, dye lot 006. I NEEDED that yarn, because I knit one and three-quarters socks with that yarn plied with a lightweight cotton. Then I RAN OUT of the one skein I had previously purchased at my LYS on clearance.... And I need to finish the sock I have on the machine before rehanging the previous unfinished sock. Because I KNOW in my heart of hearts if I take this sock off the machine, unfinished, it will become a UFO forever.

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