Saturday, September 15, 2007

BT Yarns

I am missing the second day of the BT Yarns seminar in Westlake, Ohio, today, because we are having a birthday party for my two-year-old grandson today. I was torn. He'll never remember that I was at his party, but his mom, my daughter, will!

Yesterday was fabulous. I sat in on the morning seminar with MaryAnne Oger. She chastised us for not wearing our knits (I was not), and talked about selecting coordinating wardrobe colors and knitting a nine-piece wardrobe. I think she showed us more than nine pieces, though, all in moss green, black and cream. She showed us a fairaisle black-and-moss Chanel-type suit, two more casual jacket sweaters in green, a cream shell, a black shell, a cream big shirt, two dresses, and a few prairie-style skirts. She also was wearing a camisole-type top. She seemed to favor Wool-Ray and Wool Crepe.

I had read a book a few years ago on a similar topic. I believe their advice was to pick two colors and two nuetrals. This way you can buy your accessories in matching colors and you don't need 52 pairs of shoes and purses to coordinate with all your outfits. Your dark neutral could be black, brown, navy or gray - and you buy your shoes, bag, and belt to match this dark neutral.

At the time I picked black, cream, red and tan. For some reason I thought that the red flattered my coloring. As I've gotten older, and my working wardrobe is more focused on a manufacturing environment rather than "office wear" I stopped trying to mix work and home clothing. I bought Oxford shirts and Docker-style pants for work and that's my uniform.

Lately I've noticed that greens and blues look better on me. Is it because I'm older or I've changed my hair color? Don't know, but I've been changing my casual and dress-up wardrobe to reflect greens and blues. (Mostly denim for the blue) Keeping the tan. Not too sure about the black. Might have to change to brown as a neutral.

In the afternoon, I attended a Garment Designer session and a "fashion trends" session, both with Susan Lazear. The color pallettes for next year are going to be - CHOCOLATE, PASTRY, and CANDY. I think what I could see were a lot of tans and browns, some deep purples, tomato red, and sage green. Hmmm. My colors will fit right in.

I haven't finished any of the garments I've started this year. I think I will make a sidebar to list them.


Sourire11 said...

Welcome to Knit Ohio! Sorry it took me so long to add you...

Monique said...

Love your site. Thanks for all the interesting pictures! Keep em comin!