Tuesday, January 22, 2008

UFO's taking over

I have almost as many unfinished projects around here as I do cones of yarn, and that is a lot. I'm very cozy today, even though the temperature outside is only 8 degrees Fahrenheit, in a sweater I machine-knit from a old Rowan book. I used 50/50 yarn (50 percent wool, and 50 percent acrylic) and the KH-864 punchcard standard gauge machine. It is a Nordic-looking cardigan and it has checkerboard at the top and fairaisle men and women holding hands at the bottom. I used cut-and-sew at the armholes and neck because I somehow lost track of my pattern and the pieces came out differently-sized. But it all worked out. The pattern (and book it came from) are pretty old, but classic. I saw the punch card design used a few years ago by Mary Ann Oger for a little-girl's jumper. I think next time I use it I will do alternating colors, because the design makes me happy and I think the colors would be cheerful too. Maybe I will do it in the Lion Brand Microfiber yarn - the colors of that yarn are so bright and cheerful - but I think it would have to go on the bulky machine.

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