Thursday, October 9, 2008

Back to knitting

I've spent the summer gardening, and now the Grand Rapids Seminar last weekend marks the beginning of the winter - time to knit.

Although I DID manage to finally finish my Michigan UP socks this summer on one of our many road trips. I was so lucky - managed to finish the second sock with two feet of yarn left on the first ball of Sockotta - I thought I was going to need to start the 2nd ball, but now I'll have two pairs of socks, instead of just one.

We had marvelous classes in GR with Deb Osborne and Lora Kinnan. You can read about it on the GRAMKC site I met some new friends and learned about the Monroe area seminar in July.

I learned some new techniques for a button band from Lora, and was really impressed by the fleece-lined garments (vests, hats, slippers) that Deb presented.

I just got an email from Cochenille. It seems Susan Lazear has a blog now. Lovely pictures from her Germany trip. I also learned at the GR seminar that Sandee Cherry maintains a list of upcoming MK seminars on her site.

I have committed to make more of an effort to do something related to knitting every day.

Last night I "tinked" (un-knitted) the back and front of a shell that has been hanging on/off the machine since long before April. My grandson thought it was fascinating to watch the stitches slip off the needles as he pushed them in, one by one. I noticed what he was doing after about 80 stitches came off.

Tonight I am working on a small bag. I hope to incorporate some of the techniques for turning and creases that Lora showed us last weekend.

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