Friday, May 4, 2012

Just returned from the GRAMKC Spring Workshop, as usual it was awesome and inspiring day with Sandee Cheree and Charlene Schafer.   I could only do one day this year because tomorrow I am demonstrating spinning wool into yarn at Wolcott Mill Metropark.  I'm staying up late packing the car.  I got some new shelving units that hopefully make a nice display, and I'm printing labels for the yarn cones I had spun.  Hopefully it will be a tempting display!

It was a challenging morning.  I drove through Flint, Michigan on the way to Grand Rapids and found that I-69 was closed due to flooding- because they had 6 inches of rain last night.  I spent an hour and a half driving around Flint trying to find a way to get back on the highway that wasn't flooded in a low-lying area.  I was disappointed to miss half the morning class.  I feel so sorry for those Flint people, I passed what looked like a lot of flooded basements.

 I've got a little bit of a head cold and my voice is a little rough.  I discovered  this YouTube video  on sock blank dyeing, and thought it might be a good way to save my voice tomorrow, so I asked for electricity for the laptop.  Unfortunately. I  just now realized that I don't have a good way to save a YouTube video to my PC, so if wireless connection to the internet is not available, I won't be able to play it anyway.  Too late to call and check tonight!

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