Monday, September 30, 2013

GRAMKC Fall Seminar in Grand Rapids

I attended the Grand Rapids Area Machine Knitter's club fall seminar, with Carole Wurst from Rocking Horse Farm and Carol Scott from Chicago area as demonstrators.

Too much information to report all at once!  I was very inspired by the knit-woven bags that Carol Scott demonstrated. Quick and easy, and a great way to use up novelty yarns.   A tiny sample of these bags are shown below.  

Her samples were beautifully blocked and labelled.  They clearly demonstrated the difference in the neatness factor when using various techniques to finish on the wrong side of the garment.

Carole Wurst covered a variety of machine-knitting basics including G-carriage operation including  turn around cams, her versatility tuck pattern in a number of different garment designs including the ever-popular but perpetually-renamed cowl, infinity scarf, smoke ring, or hood.   I purchased a card punched with this pattern as well as a pattern for an "artistic" sweater with an asynchronous front.

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