Saturday, April 30, 2016

Monroe DesignaKnit Seminar

Here in Monroe this weekend with Charlene Shafer, learning about DesignaKnit.  Due to a miscommunication, I ended up uninstalling DK7 from my old computer.  I am waiting for Knitcraft to open to get the key back to reinstall it!   So I will just watch the class instead of participating, at least this morning. (Update: one of my fellow students pointed out that as long as I put the CD in the drive, I don't need the key -- the key is just for installing the software without needing the "key" disk.)

Last weekend I found a Craigslist posting, for an estate sale.  I rescued 5 machines from going to the landfill at a very reasonable price.  Of course they will all need cleaning and replacement parts and new sponge bars, but I hope to have some of them working very soon.  

The booty also included back issues of News and Views from the 70's and 80's.  I opened up one to find Julie Esterlin's face looking me, and she is across the room from me at this workshop.  There is a wealth of information in these back issues.  Techniques and patterns.

So now I have added to my inventory.  I really need to take stock, with the last 10 machines I really don't know much about them yet.  Lots to explore!

As usual, Charlene's presentation is very informative.  The new crafty ideas has some really nice pieces she showed us yesterday.

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