Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Full STEAM ahead

On a lark, I signed up for a class at Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids.  The class meets on a weeknight, so it is a stretch for me to drive across the state to attend and then back again for work the next day, but so far, I am managing it. 

The title of the class is "Inside the Studio" and the subject matter is a peek into the studios and lives of artists who exhibited at the FED gallery at KCAD during the recent exhibition of The land of Here and Now.

When I first walked into the gallery, I was amazed to see a giant beach blanket that I knew at first glance just had to have been machine-knit, so I felt right at home.

The instructor, Eliza Fernand, was the host of the artist residency program which was the subject of the exhibition.  She was the co-curator of the exhibition.  She is fellow textile artist, a quiltmaker, and is amazing.  

Last night she shared some local events with us that are directly related to machine knitting: Knit It, in Grand Rapids, and a maker pop-up event in Detroit.

If I get anything out of this class, it is going to be that I have the RIGHT to call myself a fiber artist, there is no exam to pass or portfolio to amass.   

Our assignment this week is to find inspirations to post on our vision boards in the classroom.
I've posted my 1-hour prayer shawl and my pink-and-purple sweater and swatches for it, so far.  I want to post the following:
  1. TKGA Machine Master's Program
  2. Fashion Illustration course
  3. Fashion sketches - plus-size
  4. Pattern from Sewing expo
  5. Zaragoza photos
  6. Woodland Native American quillwork inspirations for shawl
    1. swatch - felt
    2. swatch - applique of fine knit a la Mariette
    3. swatch - couched design
  7. Create Pattern designs for publication
  8. Write magazine article
  9. Publish this blog!
  10. Inspirations - slow versus fast
  11. Inspirations - industrial versus domestic
  12. Inspirations - tension between present and the past
  13. Inspirations - physical versus virtual
  14. STEAM education (Science Technology Engineering Art Math)

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