Sunday, November 12, 2006


I am making socks today. I had a brilliant idea! I was going to make long tubes for the feet, to make a seamless sock and long pieces of ribbing, cut them apart, and graft them back together.

I used the Brother 970 with the motor drive. I made a tube to fit my foot, washed and dried it to make sure it didn't shrink too much, then knitted 1000 rows of tube in stockinette. Followed by something like 600 rows of ribbing.

Turns out it was not so brilliant. I thought I would hand-knit the toe. Bad idea. Had to go buy size 1.5 needles because I didn't have any small enough. When I got home I spent more than an hour on ONE toe, getting a crick in my neck because I was looking over the top of my bifocals before I realized it. I'm not happy with the result because even with the small needles the gauge is noticeably looser in the toe. Next toe will be on the machine.

Grafting 1x1 rib to stockinette is not something I even want to try, after that. Duh.

Then i realized that I can't even attach them together on the machine. i can't figure out how to "stretch" out the tube to hang it on the machine to do ribbing. So, I guess that means the only logical way to do this is to hang the ribbing back on the machine, folded in half, then knit the tube....

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