Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I've been working on an afghan that I picked up at a farm auction several years ago. It is a version of Feather and Fan pattern in green striped wool. I've been looking for the authoritative version of "Feather and Fan" - this afghan is set up for 10 decreases/yarn overs in the repeat. One pattern I found had 8, another was a variation with only 6. What's the right number?

At any rate, work is progressing nicely, if slowly. I have memorized the pattern, and it is just the thing to work on sitting on the couch and watching TV - keeping my feet warm! I am using size 6 circular needles with stoppers on the ends, knitting back and forth to accomodate the many, many stitches. I have been afraid to count how many repeats - I don't want to know. I think I can knit about three rows at a stretch before my fingers start cramping and I get a knot in my shoulder. At that rate, if I work on it every day, I should be done around May.

Do you get credit in heaven for finishing someone else's UFO?

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