Friday, July 6, 2007


I FINISHED THE TRAVELLING SOCKS! So, what's next? I started another pair.

Using the same size needles, and a different pattern (of my own invention!) and Lion Brand yarn. Instead of 80 stitches cast on, with the Lion Brand yarn I am using 14 stitches on each needle (total of 56) so the sock is knitting up much faster.

I picked up a book at the library with a pattern for a hand-knit shopping bag using mesh stitch. After knitting 4 rows of 50 stitches in mesh stitch, I don't find it relaxing at all, so switched to the machine to GET IT DONE. I knit a bag on the bulky machine, with the same yarn, using every other needle, except for a few rows of stockinette at the bottom and at the top. I think perhaps it would be better with 100 stitches, dropping EON.

Will post pictures ASAP.

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