Friday, June 20, 2014


I knitted, blocked, tagged, and wove in the ends on five swatches last week.  As I was measuring the gauge to compare them to a reference swatch of stockinette, I realized that on two of them, I had inadvertently forgotten to reset the row counter when changing to main yarn after knitting the first ten rows.  So I was ten rows short on both of them.

I considered unknitting the last 10 rows and re-hanging the swatches on the needles to finish, but then I thought about the complexities of figuring out exactly where in the stitch pattern I had left off and what the next row should be set for.  So I just decided to do them over.

I was able to  knit them fairly quickly!  This was not the first do-over, see my post on the fairisle swatch.  So I am getting a lot of practice making gauge swatches.

On another note, I received some marketing materials for a class called "Dressing Your Truth" by Carol Tuttle.  The marketing was very slick, she sends an email a day for at least 8 days.  It promises to teach you ways of establishing your personal "style" based on your energy type. You get to determine your own energy type after she explains all the personality characteristics that belong to each group.   This also seems to put you into a color grouping that appears to be seasonal. 

Based on my energy type of Earth, I am now questioning the "season" I thought I belonged to all my life (Autumn).  I have a lot of autumn colors in my stash.  Am I going to dump it all and go buy new yarn?  Sounds like it might be fun!  I am going to "get my colors done" soon, just for confirmation. .

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